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The metropolitan city of Birmingham comprises of a smaller Indian community compared to other big cities. To keep the cost of the project well within the budget, the present day technology of pre-engineered structures has been blended with the Indian Temple Architecture. Because of this, we expect to complete this facility for about 1/2 or 1/3 cost of what our neighboring cities have spend for similar projects.

Even though outside of the temple architecture does not adhere to the traditional style, the inside of the temple conforms to the standards of the temple architecture representing our rich culture and heritage. The worship area has been designed to give everyone of us a feeling of peace and tranquility. We welcome your suggestions for interior decorations and building 'Mandapams' for various deities. We have also made provision to build a traditional steeple (Gopuram) in future and add carvings to the outside structure if the community desires and proper funds are available.

Currently there will be about 100 parking places with plans for future additional parking. The site is located on hilside with serene surroundings and panoramic view. The building complex is about a 15,000 square feet facility which includes a 3,600 square feet of worship area on one side and about 5,000 square feet multipurpose hall on the other side with ancillary facilities located int the center.

The ancillary facilities will include a large foyer, classrooms, library, office room, gift shop, kitchen with dining facilities, priest quarters and rest rooms. The multipurpose community hall will accommodate over 500 seats with a stage and separate entry. The worship area will accomodate most of Vedic deities, which will represent a broad spectrum of Hindu community.


Temple Events

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History and Hinduism

For most of the last 2,000 years, the Judeo-Christian-Islamic traditions have taught that our world started quite recently (around 4000 BCE) and will come to a complete end when God stopes the flow of time and establishes us in eternity. Hindus don't believe this. In 4000 BCE, their culture was already ancient.

Sage Advice: Yoga Vasishtha

"Devine Being, like a sea, surges upward in a wave of creation, then subsides again into its own nature. Waves of universes rise incessantly, in infinite numbers, one after another."
-- Yoga Vasishtha 2:19


You can assist the Birmingham Hindu Temple with our numerous educational, cultural and service programs through easy, online donations. Your generous donation of any amount is greatly appreciated.