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Sanskrit: More Information

Sanskrit is the sacred language of Hinduism, much as Latin is the sacred language of Roman Catholicism. Like Latin, Sanskrit is a very old language that is no longer widely spoken, except by some orthodox priestly families. In South India, Tamil ranks alongside Sanskrit in importance as the language of religion.

Sage Advice: Yoga Vasishtha

"Devine Being, like a sea, surges upward in a wave of creation, then subsides again into its own nature. Waves of universes rise incessantly, in infinite numbers, one after another."
-- Yoga Vasishtha 2:19


The ancient Indian epic called the Mahabharata describes weapons of mass destruction unlike anything seen on earth again until the twentieth century. So many people were killed in a massively destructive war in North India, says the text, that no one was left alive who knew how to build more of the weapons! The Ramayana claims that in ancient times some advanced civilizations even knew how to build flying machines called vimana.

Hindu History: Vyasa

Vyasa, who compiled the four Vedas into their current format, is also credited with writing the Mahabharata, a book four times the length of the Christian Bible, and the 18 Puranas, many of which are over four hundred pages long. Cooler heads believe that although there probably was an original Vyasa involved in collecting the Vedas, his name was later applied to other men and women who authored or edited voluminous sacred texts.

Quick Info

The word Upanishad means "sitting near." It conjures up the image of a disciple sitting near the guru, listening intently.


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